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White Noise Generators

White noise generators are protecting the privacy and sanity of modern office workers everywhere. In an age when companies leverage every square inch of space for maximum productivity, we need stronger and better ways to create a private and peaceful work space. White noise neutralizes the harsh auditory effects of environmental noise, which can be considerable in any work environment, given the prevalence of loud phone conversations, heavy typing, industrial-strength copy machines, and simple office interactions in halls and cubicles.

This is how a white noise generator works: the machines generate noise that is similar to background noise found in nature, such as rain or surf. These sounds provide an auditory "cushion" that takes the edge off of intrusive sounds, as well as masking your own meetings and telephone conversations. Some white noise generators are small enough to be totally portable, and even come with travel pouches.

White Noise Generators Provide Office Privacy

In many businesses, privacy is critical. For instance, research environments, law and medical offices, and brokerage firms all rely heavily on privacy in order to most effectively do business. Clients expect it, and it protects the time and effort we have spent on our work product and intellectual property.

The "noise" of white noise generators is remarkably unobtrusive, despite the effect it has on noise pollution. offers a number of models that are sleek, discreet, and powerful. Brands like Marpac and Marsona offer corporate-strength sound masking, and at prices that are eminently reasonable. Many people, once they experience the effects of a good, high-quality sound conditioner, buy several, for office, travel, and home, so that they can be assured of the ability to create a soothing sound space for work, thought, study, and sleep.

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