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Nature Sound Machines

Nature sound machines may blend unobtrusively into the background, but they do an excellent job of combating and triumphing over corporate noise pollution. With high-quality sound machines offered by, we now have powerful tools to regain control of our environments. These machines not only protect you from external noise, but also mask your phone calls and meetings, providing an invisible barrier of protection in your work environment. Therapists, counselors and doctors particularly appreciate the soothing effects of these machines, as clients find themselves more at ease with the gentle auditory backdrop of calming sounds.

The nature sound machines you'll find on generate "white noise." White noise is not an invasive sound, but instead provides a buffer between you and all of the distractions just outside of your office, cubicle, or other workspace. They even work great in and around call centers.

Nature Sound Machines Let You Reclaim Serenity

On our website, you can hear samples of the high-quality sounds that our machines generate. Some examples of this "environmental conditioning" include the sounds of rain, waterfalls, brooks, and even the sound of a train pulling through a small town (which is surprisingly soothing and attractive).These snippets of sound often create instant ease in the listener.

Our nature sound machines come in a variety of sizes, prices (between $49 and $125), and features. Some allow you to program your own, customized sleep or work environment. Others are ideal for travel, and some offer optional battery packs. People who have discovered the power of these sound conditioners end up owning several, for each environment in which they and family members spend a considerable amount of time, i.e. office, bedroom, study, child's room, dorm room, and hotel rooms.

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